• Connect your Beans to the cloud!

    Node-RED is the easiest way to get started with the Internet of things.

  • Android Bean Loader is here

    Download the Android Bean Loader now on Google Play.

  • Program Beans from your iPhone

    iOS Bean Loader now available on the app store.

Zero wires. Infinite uses.

The LightBlue Bean is a low energy Bluetooth Arduino microcontroller. Using Bluetooth 4.0, it is programmed wirelessly, runs on a coin cell battery, and is perfect for smartphone controlled projects.

Buy a LightBlue Bean!

Start hacking with BLE for $30.


Mobile Apps

Desktop Apps

Bean OS X Loader

The Bean OS X Loader lets you upload code to your Bean through your Mac. Write and compile code in the Arduino IDE and use the Bean OS X Loader to upload it to your Bean.

Windows Loader

The Bean Windows Loader is officially released! Program Beans directly from your PC. Use the Getting Started guide to get setup and start programming your Beans!

Powerful Platform

LBM313-moduleYour Bean prototype can easily take you to production. The Bean is built on our LightBlue Platform which can be leveraged in your product.

The LightBlue Platform includes the LBM313 Bluetooth LE module as well as frameworks for apps and embedded design. Contact us for product options and custom solutions.

Want help getting started?

  • beanlockphoto-1024x676

    Make a door lock that you can open with your phone

  • christmas-lights1

    Make smartphone controlled holiday lights

  • Death star with blinking green LED

    Make a Death Star that plays the Imperial March

  • Hand holding a tiny electric ukulele.

    Make an electric ukulele

  • Make a light sensor theremin

Simone GiertzThe LightBlue Bean