The OSX Bean Loader is only supported in OSX 10.9 and above.
Check our Development Release Schedule for information on other platforms.

Install the Arduino application
  • Download and extract the latest Arduino app.
  • Install the Arduino app into your Applications folder.

Install the Bean Loader application
  • Download and open the Bean Loader app.
  • Drag and drop the Bean loader icon into the Applications folder.
  • Double click the “Open me!” icon.

Associate with Arduino
  • When the notifier pops up, you will need to associate to the Arduino app in your Applications folder.
  • If no prompt appears or if you’d like to re-associate, open the Bean Loader, click “Bean Loader” in the menu bar and choose “Associate”.

Now that the applications are installed, let’s upload a sketch!

Choose a Sketch
  • Open the Arduino app.
  • Select the LightBlue Bean as the Board you are using
    • Click Tools ->
    • Go to Boards ->
    • Select LightBlue Bean
  • Now you can select the Blink Sketch
    • Click File ->
    • Got to Examples ->
    • Open LightBlue-Bean ->
    • Choose the sketch Blink
  • Click the “Upload” button in the top left corner [Note: this has changed from “Verify” in older versions]

Connect to your Bean
  • Double click on your Bean to connect to it, or right click and choose “connect”.
  • You can change the name of a Bean once you’ve connected to it by clicking its name.

Tip: If you have problems finding which Bean to connect to, use the RSSI to find the one closest to you.  A larger RSSI means a closer Bean. (i.e -32 is closer than -56)

Update your Bean

Program it!
  • The “Blink” sketch you verified in Arduino is ready for loading and shown in grey text on the bottom of the Bean loader app.
  • Right click on your connected Bean and select “Program Sketch”.
  • Once the sketch finishes uploading, the Bean will run it!

Tip: The “Blink” sketch uses the LED and is therefore power hungry. To preserve your battery when you are finished, right-click the Bean and select “Power Off Arduino”.

Try the Arduino User’s Guide to get the most out of your Bean project!

Congratulations! You are all setup!

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